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PR, AR and content strategies for the agile infrastructure revolution

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Cathey.co gives voice to cloud computing visionaries. We leverage enlightened ideas through PR, AR, research, digital, content and events.

Our Services

Public Relations

By focusing on agile cloud and open source software and hardware, we have a highly tailored media universe, and we know what they’re looking for. This kind of intimate, firsthand knowledge of the leading voices in your industry means we consistently find the intersection between your ideas and the media’s coverage interests.

Analyst Relations

Analysts need to first understand how well you can articulate your vision. Next, they need to know how well equipped you are to execute on that vision. Cathey.co helps you tell the best story on both of these dimensions, and we work closely with analysts covering cloud data centers, cloud computing infrastructure, open source software, OpenStack and enterprise transformation through agile development and develops.


Absent from most marketing arguments is one voice: the customer’s. Cathey.co engineers cost-effective and iterative research strategies to discover how your target customers perceive the market space you occupy, what they value, and how they gather information to inform their decisions.


Blog posts and byline articles can effectively articulate your vision, but only if it’s something your community finds valuable. That means it has to be useful, clear, non-promotional and authentic. Each of those four requirements must be present for success, and Cathey.co can help you get there. We plan campaigns, organize ideas, coach budding writers, draft and edit.


Your website must reflect your image and provide the right amount and types of content to make your visitors take the action you’d like. Usually, that means a form fill and lead capture that feeds your lead nurturing program. On the other hand, your social presence must engage a diversity of audiences in conversations intended to form relationships and build brand cred. Cathey.co will design your digital strategy to build awareness, drive clicks, produce form fills and engage in conversations with the right communities.


Choosing the right industry, ecosystem and analyst events can seem like a dice roll. Cathey.co shows clients how to think in terms of engagement level (attend, exhibit, sponsor, speak) and audience profile (buyers, influencers, users, developers, media, analysts, partners) to sift the options and define an events strategy that returns measurable value for the time and resources invested.


Our Clients

They lead. Just like you.

OpenStack_cloudCathey.co is the agency supporting the OpenStack Foundation in analyst and media relations activities, as well as selected content strategies. Our work with OpenStack stretches back to September of 2010, when we first engaged with Cloudscaling and others in the budding OpenStack ecosystem.


This Seattle-based private cloud as a service powered by OpenStack offers customers managed, private and dedicated or local infrastructure on a monthly basis. Cathey.co consults on positioning, messaging, PR, AR, events, and content. Acquired by IBM.


One of the largest global ODMs called on Cathey.co to introduce the company’s new product-focused brand to North American data center customers. The challenge of positioning Quanta as a product company was met by emphasizing engineering strength, cost performance, and energy efficiency, as well as community engagement with Open Compute and OpenStack.


This established leader in research and consulting for global services (ITO and BPO) asked Cathey.co to develop efficient processes for content distribution and engagement with new audiences influencing the purchase process for services, both on the buy and sell sides.


Cathey.co provides employee communication services in support of this global program manager’s employee portal. Services include video production and graphic design.


Consuming OpenStack with an eye toward multi-geography scaling can be tricky. Cloudscaling launched a distro and services targeting this market segment, and Cathey.co was enlisted to engage the market in a conversation about what global-scale agile cloud should look like. Acquired by EMC.


Companies that want open-source solutions on homogeneous hardware have limited options. StackVelocity serves a pressing need in an emerging category by offering fully integrated and pre-validated rack solutions for specific workloads, supported through one phone call. Cathey.co has served StackVelocity since day one, leading brand development, positioning strategy and messaging.


Each member of the Cathey.co team brings a couple of decades of expertise in telecom, cloud infrastructure and agile development.

Robert Cathey
Chief Strategist

Robert is the chief strategist and account lead at Cathey.co. He's also known to write blog and byline content for several of our clients.

Jennifer Fowler
Lead Consultant

Jennifer drives content creation, planning and account operations for Cathey.co.

Chuck Morris
Branding & Design

Chuck and the team at Morris Creative Group are the lead branding, design and digital media partners of Cathey.co.